FREE Manila Map Demo

Playable demo of my 3D Environment project: Manila Map (Overwatch Inspired)

This is a personal project of mine, I created this map in order to further improve my environment production workflow and also to update my portfolio, and since a lot of my followers are asking for a breakdown I decided to share this one.

If you liked this demo and wanted to know how I created this environment, you can check out my store for the full Unreal project file for this map. I'm also planning on making a detailed breakdown for this scene too, so follow me if you want to be updated.


  • The graphics on this demo are set to Epic settings
  • This demo is just a showcase of my environment art project, no gameplay aspect involved.
  • To start the demo, just extract the files from the "Manila Map Demo" zip file, and start the "Manila.exe" file.
  • Supported Platform: Windows

For any concerns please contact me via email:

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